I was born in Argentina and that's where I started my professional career. I studied Graphic Design and got into Computer Science, which eventually led me to becoming a developer for my first tech job.

My strong interest in design and creating better user experiences led me to explore remote startups around 2014. I worked in Product Design and got to dive into research, workshops, and different parts of the UX world.

Later on, I took on roles as a lead ux designer in various smaller startups. In these positions, I handled multiple design areas such as art direction, brand direction, UX/UI, design systems, management, and hiring. This broadened my experience and helped me grow professionally.

In recent years, I moved to a small town near Barcelona, Spain where I work for a company in the UK as a Principal Designer.

My main goal for the future is to make products that help people somehow, contribute to planet friendly initiatives, and assist brands with their design needs.

Design Philosophy

✨ Whimsical

I like to create playful interfaces, highly appealing but also with a fun and amusing approach.

🌱 Ethical

I like to put ethics first while creating experiences that align with my values.

🌸 Empathetic

I’m a heavy advocate of the user centric approach, I care about their feelings and overall experience.

Design Process

The process my vary depending on the client needs, but these are the basic steps I usually follow, for each situation they might be adjusted or they may represent a different thing, what I care the most is delivering a good service for my clients, a beautiful result, and a clear experience for the users.










2022-Current @ Arcarta

UX Lead

2021-2022 @ Detail Studio

UX Lead

2020-2021 @ Kinzoo


2017-2020 @ Multiple Clients

Product Designer

2015-2017 @ Auth0


2014-2015 @ Nucivic


2013-2014 @ Artware

I had the opportunity to be part of fantastic companies that shaped my career and design skills. I have learnt a lot from my colleagues and also had the luck to be part of fantastic projects in a wide range of tasks, from marketing landing pages and collaterals, brand strategy workshops with stakeholders to actually shaping a product hand in hand with CTOs and developers.

I’ve also had the opportunity to find my own clients, learning how to manage my own deadlines and created my own studio in collaboration with my husband and our brothers.